70’s bathrooms – transformed

So many homes in New England are known for their charm…

One thing many NE homeowners have that wouldn’t be considered charming is a colorful bathroom…

I mean, they were charming, but now it’s all about simplicity…





Like this:


We can help you get here! I personally love the structure of older tubs/ sinks, I think they were definitely made better back in the day. None of that plexi- stuff they make them with now. Tubs were sturdier. Lots of people rip out their tub/ toilet/ sink/  vanity, all of it, during renovations, because they’re ugly colored… but the shape and overall look of the items just goes to waste sitting on the side of the road! We can make sure you keep the beauty and age of the bathroom alive, with a brand new look and feel.

No we do not only do white, if you want an all yellow tile/ tub bathroom, then we can assist, but just know we have lots of styles and have seen it all!


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