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Kevin was at work so his wife Denise let us in and showed us the bathroom before having to go to an appointment. The bathtub was in serious need of some professional TLC.

Toward the front of the tub was a slight depression, most likely dented by dropping something inside the tub. The bathtub was made of steel, a very poor material for a bathtub. Because the enamel covering the steel is so thin, any damage to the tub becomes magnified in the worst way. What started as a small dent became a depression that filled with water whenever anyone showered. The water then didn’t properly drain and sat in a small puddle on the tub’s surface, and with the enamel being very thin, the water goes straight down to the steel and makes it rust.

Kevin and Denise had temporarily used a bath mat, putting it in to take a shower and taking it out when they were finished. When they began to tire of that routine they decided to have the bathtub repaired. Kevin scheduled the appointment, and we sent our technician, Mark, to the site. Upon arriving, Mark assessed the bathtub, and explained to Denise the steps he would take to repair it. He removed the waste and overflow drain cover and began to mask the bathroom off to set up his work station. It took a little over three hours to complete, and the end result was just as Kevin and Denise had hoped it would be – a new tub for a fraction of the cost of remodeling. Their inconvenient bathmat was needed no more since we finished the tub with a quality non-skid surface.

“We didn’t know how severe the damage to our tub was until it started to rust over. Looking at it every day you don’t notice the gradual increase in the damage. We used a bathmat to shower and hide the problem from guests that used the tub. New Look Refinishing came in and blew us away. The tub looks as good as new, and their tech was very polite and clean. We’ll be recommending them to all our friends.”

– Kevin & Denise B.

Plymouth MA, America’s Hometown

As many bathtub owners in Massachusetts, Natalia was tired of her green bathtub but didn’t want to undertake a large-scale remodeling project to replace it. Luckily for her, we have an easy solution for that!

When she called, Natalia explained that the color was something they had put up with until they saw our billboard advertisement on Route 24 while stuck in traffic. What a blessing in disguise! She had wanted something much simpler, a white tub, but remodeling was out of the question.

We sent our technician, Timmy, to refinish the bathtub the day after she called. There was a small area of rust at the back of the tub that would require repair before refinishing. It was clear water under gotten under the surface of the enamel and began to eat away at the tub. However, Timmy explained it was a common problem we see in many of the tubs we reglaze, and it was not a problem to fix it in the process of refinishing.

Timmy got to work immediately. He masked off the rest of the room and set out his equipment. Sanding the area of damage down, Timmy removed the rust on the tub and used a polyester putty to fill the depression left behind. When the putty cured, he sanded the area down again, and began to spray the tub with both the bottom and finish coating. Because the rust was so small, the tub was finished in only two hours!

“I love my new white tub! It looks like a brand new tub and I wish I did this sooner. New Look Refinishing is great and clean, neat and professional.”

– Natalia R.