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What our customers are saying about us…

Customers are talking, and we are listening!

“We are so pleased, thrilled actually, with out new bathroom” -Sharon + Kevin

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Restored to its’ former glory…

Beautiful fixture in a home needed some TLC, that’s where we come in…

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Refinishing a Bathtub in Weymouth, MA

Recently, we went out to Weymouth to refinish a bathtub that had seen some better days.

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Check out our sweet Refinishing-Rides!

A few months ago, we had a new logo made up for the company. Since then, we’ve been in the process of swapping all company products, documents, and promotional material over to the new logo. The next step was to have one of our new technician’s vans lettered!

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Refinishing Vintage Clawfoot Bathtubs

Have you ever seen one of those old-style tubs with the feet on the bottom with the shiny enamel? Don’t they look so homey and classic? Ever want one for your own home? We restore and sell those tubs! They’re called clawfoot bathtubs.

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