Technician Quality Surveys

At New Look Refinishing, we strive everyday to bring the highest caliber of service and quality to our customers. That’s why we’re introducing quality management surveys for our technicians.

Our customers trust us to enter their home and to provide an affordable and professional service. We value our client’s trust and their business, and we take pride in training our refinishing technicians to exceed all of their expectations.

How can we understand the type of experience our customers are having with our technicians?

We brainstormed some ideas in the office on how we could manage quality control. There are a lot of different aspects to the job, from customer service to site preparation to the entire refinishing process and finally, clean-up. How could we help the technicians and affirm our commitment to excellent service with our customers?

Our solution – technician follow-up surveys!

We came up with a survey to give to every customer following the completion of their job. Each survey is specific to the technician dispatched to the client’s home, and they offer a chance for the customer to communicate their experience with us directly. Using a series of questions, customers can rate and comment on the technician’s punctuality, neatness, communication, and more.


(A screenshot of one of our technician surveys)

What happens to the surveys?

We review all surveys for feedback as they come in. The surveys allow us to monitor job quality, communication, and customer service. Technicians are made aware of customers’ comments and concerns. The president of the company, Mark, deals with any and all problems personally.

We are committed to providing the highest quality and service on the job and to you, the customer. Our technician surveys are just another way for us to do just that!


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