Boston Bathtub Refinishing with Scott

99% of the time, a bathtub is not a total loss. A couple called us to come out and take a look at their tub they were thinking of ripping out and replacing. Scott sent this photo to us:

Dirty and worn, no need to replace it. We can refinish it. We scheduled their appointment and Scott went out two days later to get the job done.

Here are the photos during the process:

Scott put polyester filler onto the tub to make the tub smooth again after harsh chemicals were used for cleaning. (We recommend natural cleaners to minimize chemical breakdown of the paint on your tub).

And here is the final product:

Great job, Scott! If you ever think you need to throw your tub away and start from scratch, CALL US FIRST. We can help you avoid spending crazy amounts of money on remodeling! Hundreds of colors to choose from, and refinishing takes a fraction of the time.