Sink Refinishing – Braintree MA

Sink Refinishing - Braintree, MA

We arrived to Braintree in the morning just before Samantha was leaving for work. Her problem was simple – the sink was pink. She had had the sink for over ten years, and she was tired of the color. She saw our website and that we resurfaced sinks, and within three days, our technician, Timmy, was on site, ready to give the sink a new look. There was hard water build-up near the drain that had left an unsightly greenish-blue ring that Samantha had been unable to clean off. Toward the front of the sink, there was a slight chip in the ceramic that would have to be repaired before refinishing took place. Timmy explained to Samantha what he planned to do and how long it would take before he got to work. Using a polyester filler, Timmy filled in the chip and while it cured he masked off the rest of the room. He sanded the area smooth until it was nearly indiscernible from the rest of the sink and applied both the bottom coating and finish coating in Samantha’s preferred color – white. “I hated my hideous pink bathroom but I love the sink itself, especially the soap dish feature. I didn’t want to have to replace a perfectly good sink, so New Look Refinishing was perfect. My sink is a beautiful plain WHITE, and I couldn’t be happier! Next will be the tile and I knew exactly who I’m going to call!!” – Samantha L.