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About Us - New Look Refinishing

headshot of president of New Look Refinishing, Mark Hawker

It can be hard to find a company that provides a reasonably-priced service promptly with a product that works. So that’s exactly what I set out to do. Hi, I’m Mark. I started New Look Refinishing in 2002 after being in the refinishing industry for five years.

After going through a painful divorce, I was left to raise two young children by myself. My first question: how do I provide for them? I knew I was very good at bathtub resurfacing. I also knew I could provide better quality and service than what my previous employer was delivering. So, in 2002 I took the biggest risk of my life and started New Look Refinishing. With the words of my father in my head, “If you do not already have the money in the bank to buy something, don’t.” I worked long hours and sometimes six days a week to grow my company and turn it into Greater Boston’s premier bathtub resurfacing company.

I have personally trained all of my technicians and instilled in them that this is not just “a job”. It is an opportunity to build on your skills, become an expert professional in their field, get an actual “thank you” from customers, and feel a sense of pride that you not only did a good job, but you made someone happy that they don’t need to have a pink tub anymore.

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “What makes you different than your competitors?” I think it’s just that – our quality and service. Our trained professional technicians and courteous service consultants deliver expert-quality resurfacing, convenient to your schedule at an affordable price. If there is ever a need to repair, we return as soon as possible – most times, the very next day to make it right. If there’s a problem, we have someone on the phone for you immediately. 

While we work with some of the largest commercial companies in the country, we haven’t forgotten the core foundation that sets New Look Refinishing apart from everyone else – a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction, and a desire to help any homeowner make their bathroom beautiful. We don’t just want your check and be done with you. Our business is growing because our employees take pride in their work and are not satisfied unless you are.

Quality and service are what make New Look Refinishing different from all the other companies out there. I’ve been saying that since we opened in 2002, and I’ll keep saying it because it’s true.

A little change can go a long way, and getting a New Look can make all the difference.