Testimonial, Middleboro MA

Testimonial, Middleboro MA



For this week’s testimonial, we are highlighting this soaker tub. When we arrived to the residence, Anthony showed us to his tub immediately. It was larger than a normal tub and desperately needed repair and refinishing.

The tub had serious rust damage on the floor, around the drain, and toward the back of the tub. From the shape of the damage, it was clear Anthony had used a bathmat and did not remove it between showers. This resulted in a pooling of water and moisture underneath the bathmat that damaged both the finish and material of the tub. The tub had also started to yellow with age, and in addition to repairing the damage, Anthony wanted a white tub again.

Our technician, Scott, had handled tubs like this before, and was quick to reassure Anthony that the tub was both repairable and could be used the following day. Scott set up his supplies in the bathroom, masked off the room, and first worked to repair the damage to the floor of the tub. He sanded away all of the rust, and using a combination of polyester filler and acrylic paste, Scott filled all the depressions left behind before beginning the refinishing. In just four hours, Scott had turned the dilapidated bathtub into a fixture safe for both Anthony and his family!

“When the rust started we covered it with a bathmat because we couldn’t afford a new tub. My wife became concerned about the kids taking baths, so we looked and found New Look Refinishing. They came out right away and fixed the tub in hours. It looks amazing. Scott was very polite to me and my wife and he cleaned up any mess he made.”