Refinishing a Bathtub in Weymouth, MA

Recently, we went out to Weymouth to refinish a bathtub that had seen some better days.

There was a bit of damage by the drain, and there were slight grooves in the bathtub’s finish. We often see grooves like these with acidic-based cleaners, and for us, it’s an easy fix. They are hard to see in the first picture, but much easier to see when we begin to repair them in the second picture. We filled in the grooves, let the filler harden, and sanded it smooth.

Let’s take a look at the transformation!


(Before: Note the damage around the drain and edge of the top of the tub near the tile)


(During: Our technician filled in any grooves, scratches, and imperfections to sand the surface smooth)


(After: Completely refinished like new. Notice the drain and edge damage are gone!)

Thanks to our expert technicians, the finished product looked like a new bathtub! It was smooth and glossy with a brand New Look!


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  1. Hi my enclosed tub was previously painted. It is now chipping and peeling in spots. Looking to have someone come and resurface and refinish it. Looking for a quote. We live in Holbrook ma Thanks!

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