Case Study: Bathtub Refinishing, Brockton MA

Bathtub Refinishing - Brockton, MA




We arrived early in the morning, and Michelle happily showed us to her tub. Their tub was in pretty rough shape, and in dire need of tub refinishing. It was obvious her bathmat contributed to the extent of the problem. The tub was a steel tub, and rather than have a bathtub repair done, the previous owners attempted to fix the damage themselves. When Michelle moved in, she simply put down a bathmat, none the wiser. Instead of concealing the crude repair, the bathmat made it worse. It’s a common mistake we see often. The bathmat was never removed, which trapped the moisture underneath, and allowed the damage to spread and worsen. When the bathmat was eventually removed, it was instantly apparent the bathtub was in dire need of a professional bathtub repair job. Michelle did not want to have to replace the bathtub, and that’s when she contacted us.

Michelle scheduled an appointment, and we sent our technician, Scott, to fix the problem. Upon arriving, he immediately assessed the bathtub, and walked Michelle through the process of the bathtub repair. He masked off all the fixtures, walls, and floor with protective paper to provide a clean work environment and began the bathtub refinishing project. It took about three hours to complete, and the end result was unbelievable. The finished project was beyond Michelle’s expectations. We took a heavily damaged bathtub and gave it a new look!

“For years, I had to shower with this horrible tub because I couldn’t afford to remodel the whole bathroom. I have a small bath in an old house in Brockton, and it just wasn’t doable. New Look Refinishing was the answer to my prayers. They sent their tech, Scott, a few weeks ago and he did a wonderful job. He was punctual, friendly, and clean. He answered all of my questions and didn’t waste any time in getting started. He was very orderly when setting up and cleaning up to make sure there wasn’t any dust or spray on anything. It looks like I have a brand new tub! I didn’t think they would be able to get the drain cover off and was disappointed they’d tape it off and spray around it, but Scott managed to do it and it looks great. He gets high marks from me. I feel very comfortable recommending your company.”

– Michelle C.