Next Level Refinishing is here

We have been working towards making the refinishing process even easier than it is now. That result has been achieved, and we are here to present you with RapidCoat.


We Are Committed to helping our Customers Get the dream bathroom with guaranteed results.

For over 20 years, New Look Refinishing has promised the best refinishing services to all our customers every single time. With the introduction of RapidCoat, we plan to continue that guarantee with even faster results. You can really get that New Look within a day, and use it that same day! No 24-hour wait needed with RapidCoat. 

What are the differences with RapidCoat?


Stronger Finish

RapidCoat is four times stronger than our traditional refinishing. We warranty all fixes with RapidCoat as needed for two years instead of one year for our traditional refinish.


Usable Sooner

Why wait 24 hours to use your refinished product? With RapidCoat, you can use your refinished product in as little as 4 hours!


Longer Lasting

With RapidCoat, your refinish should last between 5-10 years in comparison to 3-5 with our traditional refinishing process.

Our team of experts (See all of our recent rapidCoat projects)

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you bring shine back to your bathroom. In doing so, they developed a product to exceed your expectations

Better Gloss Level

A more shiny finish is guaranteed with the RapidCoat refinish. The shine is guaranteed to last when cleaned regularly.

Smoother Texture

Once the RapidCoat finish is applied and cured, the texture in comparison is smoother. We like to say it's more like the skin of an apple than the skin of an orange peel!

ready to Refinish Faster? Discover the power of rapidCoat.

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