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The number one Tub Refinishing in New England, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. When you choose us, we guarantee you will be saving money, and showering happy! Give us a call, book your appointment (or free quote)  Read more about New Look below.

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The Best in customer service

From the initial phone call to any and all follow up, we are here to provide the highest standards of service in the industry. Personable, knowledgeable, and concise, your experience is our number one priority!

Cost efficient and effective

We offer you the best in prices across our services, and guarantee most of our jobs to last 5-10 years with proper care!

Two-Year warrantee

If you chip the tub, find some drips, get some unwanted scratches on your shower stall, we will come back to fix those imperfections as soon as the next day.

satisfaction guaranteed

Our goal is to have all our customers save money and shower happy, why not join the growing list of them?

Our Services

All of our refinishing services covered here. From tubs, to sinks, to tile walls, we will make sure your projects get the refinish that lasts!

Don't believe it? Check out some of our favorite reviews below:

Tub Refinishing

Our most popular service, tubs range from your standard (pictured above) to tub surrounds, tub with tile walls, shower stalls etc. You got one of these, we most likely can refinish it!

Tile Refinishing

Tiles and grout lines need some work? We can do the work for you! We do not replace tiles, but we can make those dull ones shine brand new. Some tile jobs require onsite estimates, so giving us an idea of what you are looking to get refinished helps us out with giving you the best price.

Clawfoot Refinishing

One of our favorite specialties, if you have a clawfoot in need of some refinishing work, we are your company! Any color you want, in shop or in home, we will get your tub looking as good as new! Call or fill out our interest form fore any inquiries or questions.

Sink Refinishing

Our sink refinishing process is usually the quickest, but with the same cure time like the rest. (Note: we do NOT warranty kitchen sinks!)

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