The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Refinishing

Before                                                                                             After

For most people, they don’t know the benefits of refinishing their bathroom versus doing a whole remodel. That’s where we come in! New Look Refinishing is here to inform you on why refinishing is better, and the many benefits it has.

More Affordable Than Remodeling

One of the many benefits of refinishing is the money you save. To remodel, you must start by removing all the original fixtures, install the new tub or shower, lay down new flooring, hang drywall or start painting, get an electrician for lighting, a plumber to hook up pipes, and so on and so forth. Refinishing is just one technician who will come spray a new heavy duty coating on your bathtub or tile, and that’s it! Our methods will cost you hundreds, not thousands.  

Fast Drying RapidCoat

Worried that the refinish will not last? We’ve got you covered! With our new RapidCoat, not only does it dry as fast as 4 hours, but it is also 3-5 times more durable than traditional refinishing. It also lasts 5-10 years instead of 3-5 with traditional coating. We also offer a warranty on your RapidCoat for 2 years and we will fix any cracks or peeling for FREE! This new product we developed in house is the new premier refinishing coating for New England with many happy customers so far. Learn more about RapidCoat here.

Look at The Difference!

Before                                                                                             After

Our before and after photos are a fan favorite, and you will be amazed at how our professional technicians really transform our customers projects. You can just see how much more brighter and shinier these bathrooms are after we work on them. If you want to see more transformations, click here.

Before                                                                                             After

Are you interested in giving your bathroom an upgrade?

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