Frequently Asked Questions

Does it last?

Yes! With routine care, your refinished surface should continue to look great for 5-10 years with our Rapidcoat.

Will it look “painted”?

Definitely not! A properly refinished bathtub is sprayed with precision and our new Rapidcoat, which leaves a smooth shiny surface.

How long does it take?

An average bathtub should take about 3-5 hours to complete. This includes masking off the rest of the room, prepping the surface, repairing any damage, spraying on a new coating, and unmasking when we finish.

Is there an odor?

Refinishing a bathtub does create an odor. When we arrive, we set up a powerful exhaust fan in the bathroom and vent to a nearby window. While the refinishing is taking place, the smell is not noticeable. When we finish, there is a residual smell, which should dissipate in a few hours.

What about those “DIY” kits?

It has been our experience that “DIY” kits simply do not hold up to even routine use. Without proper surface preparation and experience, they inevitably peel and discolor within a few short months. And even with proper preparation, they still look “painted” because the applicator is usually a roller or brush.

Can you refinish fiberglass?

Of course, whether it is a multiple-piece surround and porcelain tub or a fiberglass tub with surround, we can repair any and all damage and make it look new again.

Can you apply anti-­slip?

Yes, we can. If you wish, we can add a textured finish to any bathtub we refinish, the same day, or weeks down the line.

Do you replace the caulking on the tub?

The technician will remove the caulking around the bathtub prior to refinishing and replace it when finished.

Can I use my bathmat when you’re done?

If you use a bathmat, it cannot have suction cups. The use of a suction-cup mat will increase the chance of damage to the surface whenever it is removed. Use of this type of mat will void your warranty. We can apply a non-slip surface to the bottom of the bathtub which will negate the need for a bathmat.

When can I use my bathtub/shower/sink again?

It will take a full 24 hours for your refinished fixture to set before you can use it. We recommend scheduling a morning appointment so that you can shower in the morning and shower the next day without interruption.

What’s the warranty?

We guarantee our service for 2 years against defective materials and the quality of our workmanship. However, at our discretion, abuse and/or improper cleaning habits could damage the surface and require an additional repair charge.

Clawfoot FAQ

Q: Why is there a deposit required on my clawfoot purchase?

A: We take pride in crafting each tub to meet our customers’ specific needs and desires. As each tub is refinished to order, we require a non-refundable deposit to begin the process. This deposit helps us cover the costs of materials and labor and ensures that we can provide you with the highest quality product, tailored to your specifications. The amount of the deposit will vary depending on the specifics of your order.

Q: How long will it take to refinish my clawfoot?

A: Our clawfoot tubs are made to order and take between 2-3 weeks to refinish. We take great care in ensuring that each tub is crafted to meet our customers’ specific needs and desires, and this process takes time. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to create the perfect clawfoot tub for you!

Q: Is it possible to fill the water supply lines on a clawfoot?

A: Yes, it is possible to fill the water supply lines on a clawfoot tub for specific plumbing and over-the-tub faucets. This service is available for an additional fee of $75. Please inform us if you would like to add this service to your order.

Q: Am I able to add a color to the outside of my tub?

A: Yes, we can add color to the outside of your clawfoot tub at no additional cost. Every clawfoot we do is pure white (Snow white) on the inside with your color option on the outside. This allows you to customize your tub to match your personal style and decor.

Q: What color palette can I use?

A: We can match any color in the Benjamin Moore palette for the outside of your clawfoot tub. This gives you a wide range of options to choose from and ensures that you can find the perfect color to match your personal style and decor.

Q: What color may I select for my clawfeet?

A: Typically, we finish customer clawfeet in pure white to match the interior of the tub. However, should you desire to add a second color of your choice for your clawfeet, we would be happy to accommodate your request. We can match any color in the Benjamin Moore palette for the feet of your clawfoot tub.

Q: Is electroplating available for the feet if I desire a metal finish?

A: Yes, we collaborate with a third-party electroplater located in Rhode Island that is capable of electroplating a wide variety of finishes on your clawfeet. We would be pleased to forward your information to them. If you are interested in electroplating your clawfeet, we will provide them to you fully sandblasted and prepared for plating. Please note that pickup and drop-off of your feet are not included in our services; this will be your responsibility.

Q: How is the refinishing process for your clawfoots conducted?

A: Our refinishing process commences by positioning the clawfoot tub in our sandblasting booth, where we meticulously sandblast and prepare any surfaces that exhibit paint or rust. Subsequent to sandblasting, we fill any imperfections. The next step involves the application of 3 coats of an epoxy primer to all painted surfaces, followed by 3 coats of our exclusive topcoat to the interior of the clawfoot tub and also to the feet if you have elected to have them finished in pure white. Upon completion of the refinishing process, we conduct a thorough inspection of the tub for quality control to ensure that it meets our exacting standards.

Q: Will my clawfoot appear to be in brand-new condition?

A: In a manner of speaking, your clawfoot tub will typically resemble a new condition. However, it is imperative to note that you are not acquiring a brand-new tub. Our clawfoots are antique relics from a bygone era that have been meticulously refinished to meet your exacting standards. While we exercise great care in our refinishing process, it is important to comprehend that no clawfoot tub is flawless and every tub will exhibit slight imperfections from when they were originally cast in the late 1800s through the 1900s. We can assure you that the majority of the tubs we possess are between 70-100 years old and will closely resemble a new condition when they are finished. What you are acquiring is an antique piece of history.

Q: How may I submit a deposit for my clawfoot order?

A: You may submit a deposit for your clawfoot order with us in the form of a credit card or at our office by either cash, check or card. This deposit assists us in covering the costs of materials and labor and ensures that we can provide you with the highest quality product, tailored to your specifications.

Q: Is it necessary to pay in full upfront to place an order?

A: No, it is not necessary to pay in full upfront when you place your order. However, upon receipt of your clawfoot tub, you will be required to remit payment for the remaining balance upon pickup.

Q: Will you provide assistance in loading and unloading my clawfoot tub?

A: Yes, whether you are dropping off your own clawfoot tub for refinishing in our shop or picking up an ordered clawfoot tub, we would be pleased to provide assistance in loading and unloading it for you. We do recommend utilizing a pickup truck or box truck for this purpose.

Q: Do you offer delivery for clawfoot tubs?

A: Yes, we do offer delivery services for clawfoot tubs within a limited area. Our delivery range extends to locations within 20 miles of our shop. For locations beyond this range, customers may be required to pick up their orders or opt for our delivery services, which may incur a small fee.

Q: Are you able to store my tub after completion?

A: Yes, we are able to provide storage services for your clawfoot tub in our shop for a limited period of time after completion. If the tub is not picked up within several weeks, payment of the remaining balance on your clawfoot may be required for continued storage.